SAINATH, Our Mother and Father
You are the first ray of Divine Light
which touches the eyelids
before they open.
You are the very first sound
arising out of the silence
to awaken us to the presence of your Love.

SAINATH,  the Source of Life Current
You have secured my soul
with the umbilical cord
coming from the centre of your Being.
You keep sustaining us, your children
regardless whether we are asleep or awake.

SAINATH,  You hear my heart beat,
You are the cause of my breath.
Only You, full of motherly Love
know when your child is ready
to begin this life’s journey
and to take the first step
towards True Freedom

SAINATH,  when I am lost in the vastness of space
and forgetful of your existence,
You keep appearing
claiming me back as your child,
extending Your arms
and placing this lonely and confused self
right upon Your lap.

SAINATH,  You took this cracked pot in your hands,
tore away the useless wrappings,
healed the gaping hole within
and put inside the seeds of Divine Longing.
You have placed this pot
firmly at Your Feet,
and from this moment,
I have learned what is up and what is down
and I can tell right from wrong.

SAINATH, Your Loving Eye never tires
of restoring us back along the path
leading to our Purpose.
You caused the Elements to drink from the Source
and made them bow before
the tiny seedlings of the Tree of Bliss
which you have planted in our hearts;
I am no more a spiritual orphan
nor am I a lost soul, or a listless body.
For it is you who has given a Kiss of Life to our Spirit
and you who quickens the blood on our veins.

SAINATH,  the Divine and Human as One,
by the miracle of Your very existence,
You have granted us your Darshan.
Your Loving Form clears our eye sight
dissolving the limited mind into Limitless.
Today Your hands are clapping
and rejoicing with our joy.

SAINATH,  You are our Heaven and Earth,
Pray, lead us on,
along the path of our final journey!
Deliver us free from fear and isolation
and from the chains of  cause and effect.
You are our Sky above,
from which the Light of Grace is shining
and towards which you keep turning my face
for I belong to You, SAINATH.

by Agnieszka Silverman.
Vijayadasami 2000
To Sri Sarath Babuji Our Sadguru Sainath. 

Paintings of Baba and Daddy by Agnieszka Aunty