I wish...

My beloved Sadguru, you gave me everything I would ever need and yet I too like everyone else wish endlessly.

I wish to be a petal at your feet,
to be the whiff of coffee that lingers about you,
to be the lighter that you toy with at times,
Or that simple cloth on your shoulder.

I wish to be the elegancy in your steps,
to be the humour in your jokes,
to be the joy in your laughter,
Or the occasional sigh in your day.

I wish to be the sound of your heartbeat,
to be the depth in your voice,
to be the twinkle in your eyes,
Or the curve of your thumb as you put udi to my forehead.

I wish to be that mysterious glow around you,
to be the sweetness in your smile,
to be the gentle rhythm of your breath as you sleep,
Or the silence between your words.

I wish to be the harmony in your heart,
to be the stillness in your soul,
to be something, anything… everything that makes you YOU!