Paradoxes in Love

Loving your Sadguru is a strange affair. Actually, 'love' itself is quite strange, isn't it? Think about it. 

It feels real and surreal at the same time. It feels most natural, familiar, almost obvious, but it constantly astounds you. It's excites you and yet brings a calm unshakable stillness to anyone who experiences it. It has the longest memory in your heart but makes you forget yourself. It makes you feel like a feather floating in the air and yet is the most grounding experience of all. It makes you the most fragile but also gives you the strength to do almost anything. It feels so dramatic and yet brings you the deepest kind of peace. It invades all but feels most liberating. You feel blinded by it, yet it brings you unparalleled clarity. It's never enough and yet it is most fulfilling! 

I Love you my Sadguru, my daddylu! Hmm, or is it Love that I love? It doesn't matter! In my case, they are one and the same! 

Is it only me or does everyone feel this way I wonder. Or am I crazy? Do let me know, because right now, in love, I feel the sanest of all!