From Gurucharan ...

My experience in Shirdi has been very special these last few days. I have been getting the opportunity for darshan in the samadhi mandir about 5 to 6 times a day. And I am feeling very blessed. Also there is ample opportunity for the few who are here to spend time alone at daddy's samadhi or get involved in decoration, cleaning, arati and everything in between!

The Sannidhanam feels so serene and peaceful. It's such a different vibe from how it feels during the festivals. The festivals are full of energy and charged with emotion. But now it's just ....... I don't know how to express it! If one could translate the sweet smile on daddy lips into something tangible that you could sense around you, then that's how it feels here now. As though he is smiling all around me. Pleasant, peaceful and divine.

Days seem fuller and stretched out when I look back at them, but the experience of time in the present seems faster! It's so very strange. The mind has no need to think for more than a day ahead and the past, even yesterday, just doesn't come to mind anymore. Earlier, I was aware that my mind was not in the future or in the past and that it was consciously in the present but now I am just experiencing, enjoying the present! A normal day right now consists of a regular dose of beautiful little experiences, a sprinkling of simple conversations, a few occasional insights that bring a smile to my lips and frequent bouts of hearty laughter! Perfect medicine for the heart!