Travel Diary Indonesia - Rain rain go to Spain! :(

Day 5 (9/1/12)

To start off, I take back what I said about the dish Ayum Taliwang. Last night we went to a great Indonesian place for dinner and they served us the real Ayum Taliwang that was only spicy and not sweet. It was good. We found out that originally the dish is spicy alone, but most places dumb it down for the foreigners. 

We’ve noticed that there are a lot of sparrows in Indonesia. I remember when we lived in the old Saipatham in Shirdi, the sky used to be filled with sparrows. But then one year the number dramatically reduced and the next year there were hardly any sparrows at all. Anyway, it is wonderful to see so many sparrows again. Also we keep spotting exotic looking birds and interesting plants but have no idea what they are! I wish Andrew Uncle or Elise Aunty were here to tell us. 

It has been raining the entire day today as well. :( So we still haven’t been able to go out. I tried to go out once into the rain but I got totally drenched. So waiting for it to stop raining or atleast come down to a drizzle instead. But we still plan to take to the road on our bikes and go to the North of Senggigi. The map shows the road lining the shore for the most part of the west and the northern shoreline of Lombok. According to the lonely planet, the beaches here are the most untouched and pristine beaches hidden on this stretch of the island. Daddy and Baba please make the rain stop! Please! :(

To be continued….