Daddy's Contemporary Spirituality

Daddy was truly at the forefront of contemporary spirituality. In his approach rational thought and mystical love (devotion) were harmoniously fused together. He introduced a new holistic approach to spirituality. What does that mean? It means that spirituality cannot be compartmentalised. It isn't simply 'a part' of our life anymore, rather, it is the guiding force to the way we think and live our life. And this includes our so-called 'material' part of it as well. Our spirituality is now expected to touch, transform and be reflected in our entire existence. 

If one starts to think about it there are many things that come to mind that are so refreshing in daddy's path. In his path it isn’t about having blind faith or following age old traditions, its about forging our own paths, daring to enquire, explore and discover! It’s not about accumulating punyam, it’s about accumulating happiness! It’s not about mindless parayana or rote memorisation of mantras. It's about desperately searching for answers in spiritual books and lives of saints both ancient and modern. It’s not about finding the ever elusive Brahman, its about seeking our own Fulfilment. The value shifts from hollow superstition to understanding the subtleties of sentiment. It’s not about working for our future lives, it's about trying to truly live the present one. It's not about simply leading a pious life, it's about leading a meaningful one! 

Desires have always been the cornerstones of sorrow in many spiritual traditions and now they are mere stepping stones to our Fulfilment. It’s not about trying to be 'detached'. It’s about learning to be 'attached' to our object of love. It’s not about ‘dispassion’, it’s about intense 'passion' for our Sadguru. It’s not about being stoic, but being spirited, being alive! It’s not about punishing our bodies into stiff postures of discomfort. Instead, it's about dancing in ecstasy to the sound of our Sadguru's name! It’s not about repetitive rituals of devotion, it's about finding new meaningful ways to express our love. It’s not about decoding our complex nature, its about encoding the language of love into our nature. It’s not about rigid controlling of our thoughts anymore, its about channeling them towards our one object of love. It’s not about disciplining our emotions, but about fuelling them into one overwhelming emotion called love! He teaches us to live life to the fullest. Not out of fear of death but out of the awareness that it is a wonderful gift! He doesn’t tell us how to get away from the world. Instead he tells us how to be in it – how to live and how to love. It’s not about going beyond our human limitations, it's about being truly ‘human’; about understanding and reaching the true potential of being human. 

He was so far ahead of his time. He brought a fresh perspective on existing spiritual concepts. His is a new path, unique and contemporary. He was inspiring, original and in sync with the needs of our time. He responded to them in a way that was relevant to our lives and in a way we could relate to. His was a phenomenal life! In the history of time such men are rare. And we were lucky enough to have witnessed that phenomenon called 'Guruji'.